Private Pilates Lessons

3 Private Pilates Lessons


Looking for that one-on-one vibe? Choose a solo private lesson package.

One-on-one private pilates lessons & classes. Perfect for working on form & injury support.

1 Private Pilates Lesson


5 Private Pilates Lessons


10 Private Pilates Lessons


20 Private Pilates Lessons


Prefer to bring a partner? Choose a duet private lesson package.

Duet private pilates lesson pricing below is the total for 2 people (not per person).

1 Duet Pilates Lesson


5 Duet Pilates Lessons


10 Duet Pilates Lessons



We pride ourselves on offering smart fitness.

We have group pilates classes available at 3 in-studio locations in Seattle, as well as options on Zoom and Video-On-Demand.
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Find A Group Pilates Class

We offer group classes, private lessons, retreats, and more. With multiple locations and many options, you’re sure to find something you love at Vitality.

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Schedule Private Pilates Lessons

A private pilates lesson pairs you with a certified Pilates instructor to tailor a workout for your fitness goals & address any specific concerns or past injuries.

Private pilates lesson with Pilates instructor to work on form


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Client Testimonials

The Best Pilates Studio in Seattle for Good Reason…

I love going to Pilates here! I had never done Pilates before, so I was kind of nervous. The staff is super friendly and welcoming. The class sizes are small and the atmosphere is safety oriented and body-positive. At Vitality, there are people of all shapes and sizes.

– Susan

I found the instructors to be incredibly knowledgeable, wonderful at accommodating different shapes and sizes and physical abilities, and constantly focused on helping us achieve greater mind-body connection.

– Khiota T.