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Join us for our annual Pilates Wellness Retreat in Puerto Vallarta at Xinalani Resort. Seven days of sunshine, surf, delicious healthy food, spa services, and two pilates classes a day! Come with us to enjoy the company of your pilates community in a setting that will relax the tension right out of your shoulders and breathe in the Pacific Ocean air. 









Our Vitality Retreat is crafted to infuse the essence of the perfect vacation into a rejuvenating weekend escape. Our goal is to unite our vibrant communities through Pilates, outdoor adventures, and discovery!

Whether you’re a local eager to explore the hidden gems of your own backyard or journeying from afar for a brief respite, this weekend is tailored for you to relax, realign, and indulge in carefree enjoyment with your Vitality Family.









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Include bed size / AC if applicable

*If you would like the more economical double occupancy but don’t have someone lined up to room with, let us know that. You can either find a friend to share the space (they don’t have to know anything about Pilates!) or we can match you up with someone else who wants the same deal. We will try our best to help people find those connections. However, the double occupancy rate will only apply with two occupants. Single occupancy rates have gone up due to demand for this retreat.

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Why Retreat with Vitality?

Connect with your body, mind, and soul.

Embarking on a Vitality Retreat offers you a sanctuary away from the rush of everyday life, inviting you to slow down, tune in to your inner self, and savor the joy of being fully immersed in the present. Whether you’re stepping onto the mat for the first time or you’re already acquainted with the transformative power of Pilates and seek to deepen your practice, our retreat provides a nurturing setting for growth. Here, you’ll find the space to evolve not just in physical strength and flexibility but in mental clarity and spiritual depth as well.

What people are saying

I love going to Pilates here! I had never done Pilates before, so I was kind of nervous. The staff is super friendly and welcoming. The class sizes are small and the atmosphere is safety oriented and body-positive. At Vitality, there are people of all shapes and sizes.

– Susan

I found the instructors to be incredibly knowledgeable, wonderful at accommodating different shapes and sizes and physical abilities, and constantly focused on helping us achieve greater mind-body connection.

– Khiota T.