About Vitality Pilates

“Pilates can be described as 3 words, stretch with strength and control, and the control part is the most important, because that’s what makes you use your mind!”

–Pilates Elder Romana Kryzanowska

Inspiring Movement for Every Body

We honor the individuality and wisdom of every person who enters our studio. We believe in treating people with dignity and respect regardless of gender, race, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression

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Professional Trainers

We have Nationally Certified instructors and trainers to provide the exact type of pilates experience you’re looking for.

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Flexible Options

Vitality Pilates has something for every body with group classes at three locations, online & video-on-demand options, and teacher training courses.

The Vitality Story

In 2000, owner Hilery Avritt started teaching private lessons in her living room and subleasing space from a local yoga studio. She was thrilled to open the first Vitality Pilates location in 2001 in the Mount Baker neighborhood. Today we have three locations in Mount Baker, Phinney Ridge, and Ravenna, as well as a robust online Zoom schedule and video-on-demand classes.

As Vitality took root there were two essential elements. First, to make Pilates financially accessible while maintaining individual high-quality instruction. Secondly, we allow clients and teachers to feel comfortable in our studios, as though they were an extension of their living rooms.

To meet our first goal, we pioneered teaching equipment Pilates classes in a small group setting. This remains the staple of our offerings today. In 2021, we partnered with recent Teacher Training Academy graduate, Princess Ayers-Stewart, to develop and implement Community Equipment Intro and Community Mat Intro classes for underserved communities of color, who traditionally were not represented or welcomed in the studio environment.

In our ongoing quest to meet our second goal, we encourage our instructors to develop their own personal style of teaching and explore complementary allied professions. We believe that expressing unique styles and interests invites a wholehearted approach that translates to a welcomed feel and connection with our clients.

The Teacher Training Academy was founded in 2005, has been accredited as a state vocational institution for 16 years, and has provided Pilates teacher training for 17. We train instructors to the highest standards and help each student develop their individual teaching style. Our graduates teach at our studios, at gyms and other studios nationwide, and also around the world.


We pride ourselves on offering smart fitness.

We have group pilates classes available at 3 in-studio locations in Seattle, as well as options on Zoom and Video-On-Demand.
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Find A Group Class

We offer group classes, private lessons, retreats, and more. With multiple locations and many options, you’re sure to find something you love at Vitality.

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Schedule Private Lessons

A private lesson pairs you with a certified Pilates instructor to tailor a workout for your fitness goals and address any specific concerns or past injuries.


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Adelaide H.

Adelaide graduated from the University of San Francisco with a bachelor’s in psychology and a minor in music (vocal). She found her love for teaching when she was working in the field of behavioral therapy with young children, and carried those skills with her to other child care and teaching jobs. She found reformer and Cadillac Pilates in college, and took up mat Pilates in a big way when athletic facilities were closed in 2020.

She graduated from the Club Pilates teacher training program in 2022, and soon after moved to Seattle. She adores how Pilates supports her other activities like weight lifting, hiking, and dancing. She is always a student first in work and life, and continues to expand her Pilates education with instructor workshops and courses. She’s known for wearing pink and other bright colors, and reminding her clients to drink water!

Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher

Specialties: Athletes, Dancers & Other Performing Artists, Prehab & Rehab, Osteoporosis
A lifelong runner, Andy has always enjoyed movement. Still, he never considered trying Pilates until his physical therapist suggested it would help him rehabilitate a torn rotator cuff.

In Pilates Andy found a workout that not only relieved pain, but also improved his quality of life.

Originally from northern England, Andy first completed instructor training with Polestar Pilates in London in 2008 and then received a Comprehensive Pilates Equipment Certificate from Vitality Pilates in 2013. He’s been teaching ever since in a variety of capacities, from being the sole Pilates instructor at a physical therapy clinic to working at Vitality.

Andy brings an easy going focus to his teaching which reflects the work of Ron Fletcher and emphasizes flexibility, length, and posture. He specializes in Pilates fitness and sports rehabilitation.

Anna graduated from our teacher training program in 2018. In addition to teaching classes at Vitality, she also teaches at the Swedish Neuroscience Institute. She loves biomechanics, anatomy and wants to help people to be healthy owners of their bodies.

Anna is a dancer and a dance teacher and Pilates has helped her own balance, mobility and strength. Anna’s favorite class to teach is Pilates Chair, “It is nearest to daily life.” When teaching private lessons, she helps her clients understand their bodies so they can correct the movements for themselves.
Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher
Specialties: Osteoporosis/Osteopenia, Improving Bone Health, Surgery Prehab/Rehab, Pelvic Floor, Post-Menopausal Female-Bodied Strength Building & Functional Movement, Over 50s

Autumn, a Buff Bones® licensed instructor and trained in Restorative Movement at Nutritious Movement™, comes to teaching from more than 40 years of studying and practicing movement in different forms.

She first encountered Pilates as a young dancer at Smith College, but didn't begin teaching until almost 20 years later in 2006. She taught yoga, mat Pilates, and aqua-fit, then got her comprehensive Pilates equipment certificate in early 2012.

She has taught Pilates full time since then with an additional 5 year period of working as an instructor trainer in Vitality's Teacher Training Academy. Autumn loves to collaborate with her clients in problem solving and exploration, bringing her keen eye, natural curiosity, deep knowledge, and through precise instruction.

Over 50 herself, Autumn is interested in questions around aging stronger: how to build or maintain physical vigor and confidence in the second half of life. She enjoys clients of any age but is likely to keep at least one eye on functional everyday habits for long term payoff. “I love teaching Buff Bones® classes because they are intense and focused and help all populations build bone and joint health with the added benefit of being entirely safe for folks with osteoporosis or osteopenia and are great for improving balance”.

Her current favorite Pilates exercise is Chest Expansion in every variation for the focus on the back line. When she's not teaching Pilates, Autumn can be found with her nose in a book, taking a walk, geeking out with fellow movers at a workshop, or up in the air on a trapeze.

Bree started practicing Pilates in her teens as a way to get PE credits for her homeschool program. She quickly fell in love with how the Pilates method helped bring awareness and connection to her body. Since she enjoyed her Pilates practice so much, she decided to pursue comprehensive equipment certificate training through Polestar Pilates at the start of 2022.
Also, as an herbalist, Bree has a passion for connecting people with the plants that help their bodies abundantly thrive. Bree feels that her Pilates practice goes hand in hand with herbalism, as it is her mission to help people find empowerment and ease in their bodies through both modalities.

Erika Locatelli is originally from Idaho, but has lived in Seattle for over 20 years . She has been involved with movement practice of all kinds since her childhood spent dancing and growing up with a Yoga Teacher for a mom. Her interest in managing her own chronic pain from fibromyalgia , and Pilates profound results in her own physical health journey led her to pursue her National Pilates Certification through Vitality Pilates teacher training .

She loves leading groups of adults through challenging sets keeping them laughing (or rolling their eyes ) along the way. She hopes to continue to connect with her clients, helping them heal and grow as they strengthen their mind body connection.

Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher
Specialties: All ages and abilities, especially those new to Pilates.

Erin has had a lifelong interest in health and wellness and has studied kinesiology, nutrition, and most recently, Pilates. She loves the combination of thoughtful movement, mobility, balance, and strength it provides.

She graduated from the Vitality Teacher Training Program in 2023

Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher

Specialties: All Ages & Abilities, Posture & Alignment, Strength Training.

In 2006, Jenn joined Vitality as a client and practiced Pilates to correct postural issues along with neck and shoulder pain. She was so inspired by the changes in her physical wellbeing, that after retirement from a career in technology and the fashion industry, she felt inspired to become a Pilates instructor.

She completed the Teacher Training Academy program in March 2020 and started teaching at Vitality right away. Jenn found that Pilates is a transformative practice and she wants to inspire people of all ages and physical abilities to keep their bodies and minds moving. Physical activity and adventure have always been paramount in Jenn’s life.

She has traveled to all 7 continents and more than 80 countries. Along with teaching Pilates, she is a Realtor and works with Village Volunteers as a board member, which sends volunteers to Africa, India and Nepal.

Jessie K
Jessie Keaton PT graduated from our Teacher Training Academy in 2023. She treats patients in Elizabeth Rogers Physical Therapy clinics at our Mount Baker and Ravenna studio location.
Jessie S
Jessie is a comprehensively trained Pilates Instructor. She began her fitness career after 10 years of being an avid Kung Fu practitioner and competitor. After graduating from college, she began teaching women's self defense and fitness classes in Olympia WA. Her classes grew in popularity and after 5 years, she moved to Seattle to continue her fitness career.

After a few years of teaching aerobics, martial arts and bootcamps, Jessie started teaching reformer Pilates classes. She quickly fell in love with Pilates and began her training in various styles, and finished her comprehensive training in New Mexico. After 5 years of traveling to a few states, and teaching popular reformer classes, she decided to come back to Washington and continue sharing her love for Pilates.
Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher
Specialties: All Ages & Abilities, Seniors, Athletes.

Jillian’s experience in distance running and obstacle course racing led her to yoga in 2009 as a way to balance her participation in endurance sports. As a result, she was happy to find herself experiencing fewer injuries. From there she tried Pilates and found the missing piece to her training, making her a unique instructor in that she has trained in different modalities.

After years of professional management experience in which she found satisfaction from mentoring and positively impacting people’s lives, in 2016 Jillian took over Pilates + Yoga in Las Vegas after it had been in business for 7 years. Jillian is a PMA certified Pilates instructor, 500 RYT yoga instructor, and an ACE certified personal trainer. Using this knowledge, combined with her years of management experience, she grew the client base and the business. She restructured the Pilates teacher training program, including writing her own 400-page manual to go along with it.

In 2023 she brought on a business partner to take over the studio operations so she could relocate to Seattle and escape the desert. Jillian has been inspired by the insight and guidance of the community she has worked with throughout her career, and she brings this enthusiasm to Vitality Pilates as the Operations Manager.
Joy trained with Vitality Pilates’ Teacher Training Academy in 2014. She muses, “At the time, I was looking for a part-time job where I could wear stretchy pants. But what I found was a community of compassionate people devoted to helping others take charge of their own health concerns and goals.

The opportunity to utilize my collection of crazy leggings is just a bonus!” Joy’s teaching personality is outgoing, upbeat and encouraging. Joy’s classes are challenging and highly effective. In addition to teaching Pilates, Joy has a demanding career with children with disabilities. Pilates keeps her body strong: it develops her core strength and stability, coordination and control, so that she can offer safe and secure support to the children she assists. Outside of Pilates, Joy enjoys kayaking, crafting, making deviled eggs, and taking road trips with her cat and husband.
Specialties: Aerial Coaching, Balance Issues, Alignment

Kim graduated from Vitality Pilates’ Teacher Training Academy and has been teaching at our Phinney Ridge location since 2013. Kim says that, “Pilates has improved my posture and made me more aware of the quality of movement. I feel ageless and feel a strong connection between the mechanics of my body and my mind.”

Kim is an aerial coach and teaches good body mechanics while managing one’s weight in the air. Her aerial and Pilates backgrounds influence how she teaches everything and how she looks at all movement. “I enjoy teaching a variety of classes including traditional equipment and Mat as well as suspension training and cardio classes.” Kim wants her clients to find balance in their bodies, better posture and less pain!
Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher
Specialties: All Ages & Abilities, Clients New To Pilates, Athletes.

Kristin was a devoted Pilates client for 15 years before training as an instructor. Having a series of back issues and two disc surgeries before age 45, she realized her active lifestyle wasn’t enough to keep her injury free.

Adding Pilates to her life allowed her to experience first-hand how critical core strength and flexibility were to her overall health and ability to do all the things she loves to do. Kristin enjoys teaching all types of clients in group class and private lessons. The variety, precision and challenge each session has to offer keeps her inspired.

In her non-Pilates work, Kristin is the executive director for a non-profit organization specializing in healthcare quality improvement and has a background as a registered dietitian. When not working, Kristin enjoys cooking, walking, hiking, cycling, skiing, traveling and hanging out with her husband, children and grandchildren!

Kristin and her husband Steve have 5 adult children in their blended family, and with everyone’s partners along with two grandchildren, they are quite the crew when everyone manages to get together! When she's not working, Kristin loves to cook and enjoys walking every day, hiking, cycling, skiing, snowshoeing, traveling and hanging out with her family.

Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher
Specialties: Prehab & Rehab, Athletes

Liz graduated from our Teacher Training Academy in the Fall of 2020. She has always loved movement, whether rock climbing and hiking or dance, and later circus arts. She first tried Pilates at a YMCA while stationed in Georgia with the Navy, and could immediately appreciate the focus on functionality and breathing.

After returning to her hometown of Seattle, she spent some years working in restaurants and building her circus and other movement skills before starting her Pilates teacher training. In January 2020 she started working as an admin for Vitality while attending the Teacher Training program. Liz is absolutely passionate about sharing the tools to gain strength and flexibility at any level of fitness, for any body. When not teaching or in the air, she spends her time cooking, playing board games, and going for long walks in the rain.
Mallory grew up in Saint Louis, Missouri. She received her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Dance from the University of Missouri-Kansas City’s Conservatory, with an emphasis in Ballet and Modern. She went on to perform professionally with The Big Muddy Dance Company.

Alongside her dance career, Mallory worked as an administrative assistant for a local Pilates studio. She moved to Seattle to pursue STOTT PILATES training. With an extensive background in dance and movement, Mallory has a very in depth understanding of movement mechanics that she brings into her teaching. She strives for clients to feel more connected to their mind-body awareness and believes there is healing in movement.
Specialties: All Ages & Abilities

Maple first tried Pilates in 2016 and discovered what a positive impact it had on both her physical and mental well being. She left her consulting career and ultimately decided to become a Pilates instructor herself so she could help people feel better in their bodies. She graduated from our Teacher Training Academy in 2023.
Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher

Specialties: Prenatal And Postpartum, Pelvic Floor, All Ages & Abilities.

Born and raised in Ballard, Mari has spent most of her life dancing. She grew up taking ballet classes and originally discovered Pilates as a great way to strengthen the body and cross-train for ballet. Mari decided to pursue dance in college and attended Texas Christian University, in Fort Worth, where she received a BFA in Ballet & Modern Dance.

After graduation, she moved back to Seattle and joined Vitality’s Teacher Training Program. During the course of training Mari realized how much she enjoys helping others experience the many benefits of Pilates. In addition to teaching, Mari dances with Redd Legg Dance and spends as much time as possible outdoors with friends and family.


Specialties: Dancers, Athletes, Injury Recovery, Clients Interested In Learning How Their Bodies Move.

Born and raised in Cincinnati, OH, Mary received a Bachelor of Arts in Dance and a minor in Biology from the University of South Carolina. Mary moved to Seattle in 2015 to pursue her professional dance career. She has performed with several local companies, including Spectrum Dance Theater, Khambatta Dance Company, and Stone Dance Collective, in addition to creating and performing her own works.

Every time I have an injury I use Pilates for rehabilitation and to keep the rest of my body active. Most recently I strained a hamstring muscle, and my PT used Pilates to strengthen the weakened area so that I could return to dance quicker.” Mary enjoys teaching Pilates Chair classes. “I find that the chair provides a unique challenge to an individual's balance and coordination. You have to rely more on the body to complete the exercises, rather than use the machine to guide you through the motion.”
When asked what her favorite exercises are, Mary said, “I am a big fan of chest expansion. When done properly it is a full body experience. I always make my equipment clients do chest expansion!”

Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher

Specialties: New Clients, Pregnancy, Men, Scoliosis, Neurological Conditions.

Having first been a Vitality client, Melanie has been teaching Pilates for just over a decade. She trained in our Teacher Training Academy and her years of experience inform her classes, keeping them both challenging and inventive.

She enjoys teaching contemporary Pilates because there is something for everyone, “Each exercise has a modification and a variation, so clients aren’t limited to doing something just one way.” Melissa wishes that she’d found Pilates earlier in her life. “I think that if I’d had Pilates sooner in my life, that I would have prevented some injuries and taken my dancing to a whole new level. It’s never too late to start and I’m happy that I found it, and can share my knowledge with clients and dance students!”
When she’s not teaching, Melissa loves traveling. She used to travel on dance tours, but now that she’s retired, she still tries to get to one new country per year.

Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher

Specialties: Athletic Style Pilates For All All Ages & Abilities.

Born and raised in Hawaii, Natalie's foundation in movement comes from years of training in the native dances of Hawaii and Tahiti. After college, Natalie pursued a career in social work and mental health. She discovered Pilates after the birth of her second child and loved how the practice gave her renewed strength, energy, and focus.

Desiring a career shift, Natalie enrolled in Vitality's Teacher Training Academy, graduating in early 2017. In addition, Natalie received her designation as a Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher (NCPT) in 2020 and her Pilates Certification from Breathe Education in 2022. In addition to Vitality, Natalie teaches at the Multiple Sclerosis Center at Swedish Cherry Hill.


Specialties: Pregnant/Postpartum, Osteoporosis/Osteopenia, Multiple Sclerosis, Myofascial Release.

Nicole grew up in the western suburbs of Chicago where she graduated early from high school, and then moved to Southern California where she earned her undergraduate degree in English Literature with an emphasis in writing.

She then relocated to Seattle where she planned on teaching English, but found herself drawn to movement education instead. Nicole has been teaching Pilates since 2008 when she graduated from our very own Teacher Training Academy. She is passionate about health and movement, and was hooked on Pilates from day one as it began transforming the way she felt in her body. Her lifelong struggle with chronic health issues that affect her nervous system heavily influences her restorative teaching style that focuses on mobility and a deep connection to one’s body. She is inspired by inquisitive students and those managing or recovering from injury or illness. Nicole’s other interests include hiking, camping, reading, cooking, and spending time with her dogs.


Specialties: Posture, Flexibility, Muscle Imbalances, Coordination, Stability & Balance, Plantar Fasciitis, Athletes, Minor Injuries.

Seneca grew up in Spokane where she studied ballet and modern dance. She later received her Certificate of Dance through Alvin Ailey Dance Theater in New York. She has worked with choreographers such as Darrell Grand Moultrie, Ray Mercer, Amy Hall, Norbert De La Cruz, and Nia Love.

As a mover, she quickly gained an interest in Pilates and how it aligns and centers the body, strengthens the core within, and helps heal injuries naturally. Seneca graduated from our Teacher Training Academy in 2018. She has enjoyed the experience of teaching in both Washington and in southern California, working with diverse instructors and clients. She loves sharing the knowledge of body awareness, making clients feel taller and rejuvenated through Pilates. She enjoys working with clients who want to improve posture, minimized low back pain and strengthen their inner core, improve balance and coordination. Seneca says, "The phrase 'Pilates is for Life!' makes me think of longevity in giving the body what it needs to naturally heal, maintain optimal form and changes the way we connect to our bodies." Outside of Vitality, Seneca enjoys gardening, hiking, and occasional photography projects.

Tiffany B.

Specialties: Dancers & other Performing Artists, All Ages & Abilities.

Tiffany B. (she/they) is a Seattle-based Pilates instructor, dance educator, choreographer, and performer. She is passionate about helping others feel present, empowered, strong, and comfortable in their own bodies.

Currently, she teaches all ages from two years through adulthood and feels fortunate to be involved in all stages of development and embodiment. In her classes, she values curiosity and “serious” play. Tiffany has earned an MFA in Dance from Texas Woman’s University, as well as a BA in Theater and a BS in Kinesiology from the Pennsylvania State University. When she is not geeking out over anatomy and physiology in the Pilates studio or watching dance performances around Seattle, you can find her polar plunging (or swimming during the summer) in Lake Washington.

Tiffany G.
Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher

Specialties: Mindful Movement, Breathing, Strength, Balance & Proprioception, Pregnant & Postpartum, Pelvic Floor Health, Diastasis Recti, Women's Health, Hip/Knee Replacement, Athletes, All Ages & Abilities.

Tiffany G. discovered the wonderful benefits of Pilates after it helped alleviate some chronic shoulder pain. As she continued her Pilates practice, she began to notice many health benefits.

This resulted in a passion that she wanted to share with others. 16 years ago she was working as a Landscape Architect, but after completing our comprehensive Pilates equipment certificate program in 2008, she became an instructor at Vitality Pilates has become her calling. “I enjoy teaching what I am continually learning about the body: to move gracefully and efficiently. Pilates was essential for me in prenatal, childbirth and postnatal health as well.” She is PFilates (pelvic floor) certified. Tiffany especially enjoy working with those who are postpartum and those recovering from injuries. She says, “Every body is unique, and there is so much to learn about the human body that I truly enjoy! After 13 years of teaching, it is still exciting for me to step into the Pilates studio. My hope is that if you are just beginning your Pilates practice, or continuing as a longtime client, it will help you to feel invigorated, energetic, and healthy in your life's journey.”

Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher

Specialties: Athletes, Dancers & Performing Artists, Prehab & Rehab.

Vera was drawn to the teacher training program at Vitality Pilates after she returned from three years of teaching undergraduate ballet, contemporary dance, dance history, kinesiology & dance conditioning, and graduate seminars at the University of Auckland NZ.

Previously, Vera taught ballet to children and teens in private studios in Seattle for 13 years. She is passionate about anatomy and loves sharing her knowledge with her clients and TTA students, while making her classes fun. After working with children for so many years, she finds teaching adults to be more rewarding and personally satisfying. She earned her Comprehensive Pilates Equipment Certificate in 2010, trains future Pilates instructors, coaches instructors, and served as our CEO through March 2023. Vera has BAs in Dance & Drama from the University of Washington, an MA in Dance Studies from Trinity Laban in London, and a Master of Creative and Performing Arts from the University of Auckland.

She is a member the International Association of Dance Medicine and Science, and has presented at IADMS and PAMA conferences. Vera currently serves on the Pilates Method Alliance education committee and as a Pilates instructor for the Seattle Dance & Performing Arts Medicine free injury clinic.

Warren W.

Warren Woo is a personal trainer, movement instructor, dancer, photographer and videographer. Born in Hawaii and having to relocate often as a youth, he was homeschooled and found his anchor through creative outlets including juggling and his study in music before finding himself in Seattle, WA in 2003.

Having developed his passion for movement playing Ultimate Frisbee, social partner dance, and resistance training. He gradually found his way to yoga, Pilates, ballet and contemporary/modern dance as a young adult and completed his BA with a major in dance from the University of Washington. He has been instructing movement modalities for over 10 years and thrives on sharing his passion with others.

Warren completed the Vitality Pilates Comprehensive teacher training program in 2024.

Client Testimonials

I love going to Pilates here! I had never done Pilates before, so I was kind of nervous. The staff is super friendly and welcoming. The class sizes are small and the atmosphere is safety oriented and body-positive. At Vitality, there are people of all shapes and sizes.

– Susan

I found the instructors to be incredibly knowledgeable, wonderful at accommodating different shapes and sizes and physical abilities, and constantly focused on helping us achieve greater mind-body connection.

– Khiota T.