Frequently Asked Questions

Are you still open?

YES! Vitality Pilates continues to provide high-quality, personalized training while the stay-at-home order is in place. While we are not able to be with you in the studio right now, we have developed a comprehensive schedule of live online classes, using Zoom as our platform. We look forward to transitioning back to in-person classes, as soon as it is safe to do so, employing strict physical distancing and disinfecting procedures. We've been able to stay in business thanks to the unwavering support of our clients. We cannot do this without YOU!

What are Zoom classes? Tell me more!

Zoom is an online video platform Vitality is using to bring innovative, fun, effective Pilates directly to your home. Download the Zoom app on your laptop or phone (iOS or Google Play). An iPad, tablet or laptop is preferred, due to both screen size and portability. The Zoom app costs you nothing and does not require an account—we strive to create an accessible, at-home experience!

As always, make a reservation for the class you want to take. Then, click the class name on the Class Schedule to reveal the description and the Zoom link. Please enter the meeting a few minutes before the class time, as instructors will lock the class a few minutes after start time. Set yourself up on your Pilates mat with props as needed, making yourself visible in the camera view, and you're good to go! Instructors can help you with basic troubleshooting, to get your best workout experience.

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What types of classes are you offering?

We are offering many different classes during this time: Mat classes for clients of all levels (including Foundations), open level Mat & Props classes, open level Stretch classes, open level Buff Bones classes, to name a few. We're also offering innovative extra classes and community classes such as Ballet Barre, Combating Computer Posture, Dining Chair Pilates, and more!

How do Zoom classes compare to in-studio classes?

While we're not able to work on the equipment in the studio, the virtual Pilates classes that we offer are just as challenging, if not more so! Joseph Pilates' book "Return to Life" outlines Joe's philosophy and the 34 classical mat exercises that underpin it. Even with the development and popularity of equipment Pilates in the ensuing decades, mat Pilates is recognized as the gold standard of the technique. Your body and gravity (and maybe some props) are all you need! Your instructor will observe and correct your alignment, form, and movement, just like they did in the studio, ensuring a ghly personalized experience.

Are Zoom classes included as part of my class package or membership?

YES! Your current membership, class package or punch card covers Zoom classes - there is no additional charge to take them. If you've purchased a punch card or intro package as part of a Zoom promotion in the last month, you'll be able to use any remaining classes in the studio upon reopening. You can reserve two Mat classes and four Stretch classes in advance per week, and you can also register for any extra and community classes that interest you! Don't be shy—try something new!

Which instructors are teaching Zoom classes?

Instructors from all three studios are teaching our Zoom classes. We hope you'll take this opportunity to try a new instructor outside of your home studio, in addition to familiar faces. Instructors who are on furlough will be rejoining us for in-studio classes when the Stay Home directive is eased.

What will happen when the Stay Home directive ends?

We anticipate that at some point in May, Governor Inslee will allow businesses such as ours to reopen on a limited basis. When this occurs, we'll be practicing physical distancing through reduced class sizes, and employing strict disinfecting guidelines (Note: Please be advised that some of these products are perfumed, and our studio-wide scent-free policies will not apply as usual). In addition to in-studio classes, we plan to continue offering Zoom classes to accommodate clients who prefer to stay at home. While we hope to return to "normal", we recognize the need to continue mindful, safe practices surrounding in-studio classes.

What if Zoom classes don't work for me, or I can't afford Pilates right now?

Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive for our Zoom classes, but we realize they are not for everyone. If you are unable to make the Zoom platform work for you at this time, your membership or class package may be stalled by submitting the Membership Stall Form. If your income is significantly impacted, let us know and we will offer classes pay-as-you-can. We want to support all of our community regardless of your ability to pay.